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Three keys to better residential roofing marketing 

  1. Start to create a better online marketing initiative. The web is now the most common place for people to look for a commercial roofing agency, and as each year passes, that continues to become even truer. Roofing companies are not known for their advanced marketing methods, as in the past roofers got the majority of their clients from mouth to mouth referrals. The roofing industry began to use TV and radio ads in the late part of the 80’s, but even then they did so in small numbers. Today’s roofing market is more competitive than it was in the past, making the use of tools such as internet marketing a must. Normal roofing web sites such as,, attract huge amounts of traffic to their site each week, and they and other companies like them, are now getting the majority of their work from people that found their ads while surfing the web. In addition to creating a good web site, companies with the extra cash to do so should also try and contract a web marketing agency to help get their online profile up and out there. Web marketing is a highly specialized field of marketing, and one which should only be undertaken by a firm which specializes in internet marketing, not in any other area of marketing. Hiring a company that has a history of creating marketing campaigns for residential roofers is a smart move, considering the fact that those marketing firms will know how to better corner that market. The numbers for online roofer marketing are extremely good, with some estimates putting the rate between money spent on online marketing, and the final return at around 20 to 1.
  2. Another method which can be very effective for improving roofing marketing is to use the door to door approach. Having some representatives from the company walk around a residential area and inquire if people need any roofing work done can bring in a lot of business. The more work that an agency can get in an area, the more likely that the people of that area will continue to hire them out when they need work done in the future. If a commercial roofing company becomes the main roofing repair provider for just one mid-sized community, that can be enough work to keep them busy all year round. The door to door method is especially effective when there has been a recent storm, as people are bound to need roofing work during those times, and they tend to appreciate when a roofing company takes the time to send a person out to their area to see if they need help with their roof situation.
  3. Finally, roofer marketing can get a big boost when the roofing agency spends some cash to have a billboard put up in their city. It may seem like an old fashioned way to market, yet roofing companies with billboards consistently get more clients than their competition without a billboard. Depending on the city, billboards can be surprisingly affordable too, so it is always worth the effort to check out how much getting a billboard up in your area would cost.

There are many services of residential roofing companies

If you are looking for the right residential roofing company, then you want to find one that offers all of the services that you are looking for in a company. You will want to find one that offers a plethora of services that you may currently need as well as services that you may need in the future. These are all important things to research ahead of time in order to ensure that you are finding a company that offers the services that you may need so that you can utilize the same company for all of your residential roofing needs. 

You will also want to find a company that is trustworthy and has been referred to you or has very good reviews online when it comes to your residential roofing projects. You will also want to look for a company that provides high quality roofs and roofing services for your needs. This is also very important and is necessary for the quality of your home and your residential roof. If you are looking for the right residential roofing company, then you first need to understand the various services that are offered by residential roofing companies. Listed here are some of the many services of residential roofing companies that you can find:

  1. Residential roof installation. You can expect to find a residential roofing company that will offer residential roof installation for your needs. This means that you can hire a company to come in and install your roof for you. Residential roofs can be quite different pending on the layout of your house and the materials used so it is important to find a residential roof company that provides the right services for you and your needs.
  2. Residential roof maintenance. You can also find roof maintenance for your residential roof using residential roofing services. This can include fixing any broken panels that come after a storm or regular wear and tear that can happen on your roof over time.
  3. Residential roof repair. You can also find residential roof repairs with a roofing company. The right company can come in and repair your roof while also inspecting it for future damage or future problems that you may need to fix as well.
  4. Residential roof waterproofing. You can also hire a residential company to provide waterproofing services for your roof.
  5. Residential roof inspections. You can also schedule regular residential roof inspections on your roof in order to ensure that your roof is safe and waterproof. Roof inspections can also be good for finding problems ahead of time with your roof.

As you can see, these were just five of the many different types of residential roofing services that you can expect to find within a residential roofing company. If you have any questions or are looking for the right residential roofing company for your needs, then you will want to contact the experts over at Campbell Beard Roofing. They can help you with all of your residential roofing needs and can offer you affordable care for your roof as well!